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About Us

insignia (ɪnˈsɪɡnɪə, ɪnˈsɪɡniː)

— n , pl -nias , -nia

1. a badge or emblem of membership, office, or dignity; 2. a distinguishing sign or mark

Insignia Designs is a manufacturer of high quality impact signs that will distinguish your business from the competition. Our state of the art equipment is utilized to produce a broad range of innovative commercial signs. We provide interior and exterior signage, including large format digital printing, vinyl graphics, tradeshow design and displays, custom lobby signs, murals, window/wall/floor graphics, banners and posters, real estate and property signs, vehicle graphics, wraps and more.

Our signs are custom made for YOUR business. No customer is too big or small. We service sports teams, schools, fundraising events, non-profit organizations, and small businesses, as well as, Corporate offices, Hospitals, Clinics, conventions and trade shows, event planning, retail chains, shopping centers, restaurants, construction sites and commercial/company/transport vehicles. The list is endless.

We strive to provide best in class products, service and customer satisfaction. As your sign consultant, we will use our personalized Color management system to ensure the colors of the finished product meet your expectations. Our goal is to be responsive, dependable, and professional so that every customer has a positive experience, while receiving the benefits of quality and value.