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Ways to make Retractable Banner Stands stand out

At Insignia Designs we provide retractable banner stands for businesses in the Tri-Valley.  The normal use for a Retractable Banner Stand is in tradeshows as a booth display; however, great businesses don’t stop there….

What are retractable banner stands?

The banner is printed on a special vinyl and rolls-retracts-into a base.  When you pull it out you have an instant display.  It is held up by a tent-like pole that is either telescopic or in sections with a bungee cord attaching the sections.   The retractable rolling mechanism gives you a fashionable and stable base to support the banner.  These light weight bases come in sizes that range from 15” to 60”.  Retractable banners offer the ability for a large display to be rolled up, placed in a small case that fits easily in a trunk or put on a plane.

Unique ways to make Retractable Banner stands work for your business

Trade Shows:  We usually think of Retractable Banners and banner stands as Trade Show Displays.  But why not use them as your back drop.  Consider what our client, BACH Enterprises did:  they used 5-31.5” banners, lined up together to advertise various aspects of their business.

 Trade Shows

Wayfinding– Use retractable banner stands to help attendees to a conference room.  A Double banner stand has 2 banners, one in front and one in back.  Have each one have an arrow-one left and one right.  It is effective and looks professional and it only takes a minute to set up.  Or do you have an office in a building that is difficult to find?  Place a banner stand where it helps customers pin point your location.  When you have a tradeshow, you can simply roll it up and give it another life.

 retractable banner

Table Top-Do you have a folding table?  Do you want to create a backdrop with company information and purpose of the table?  Try a 15” to 60” wide tabletop retractable banner.  No booth to set up, no annoying easels and poster board to lug around.  It’s quick, easy and creative.

 retractable banner

Reusable Promotions– If your company has events that occur annually consider retractable banners as advertising savings.  Simply store the Retractable Banner stand in its sturdy case after each event.  It will be ready for use the next time around.  Imagine the cost and time savings of this option.

Lobby-Have a lobby that is sterile and cold? Use a Retractable Banner to spruce it up.  Show people what you do without buying a 2nd set of graphics.  Reusing your tradeshow retractable banners in your lobby is a smart move.  It makes the lobby into a sales space and gives people something to look at as they wait.

 retractable banner

Let Insignia Designs help you with your next Retractable banner stand-you will not be disappointed.


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